Mina Hassanzadeh

What was reason of nonchalance modernist to ornament?

World of art in twentieth century was more than whole centuries full of innovation. In this century also art kept aloof from efficiency of decorative and aristocrats.And incessantly had suggle until undertook the role of obligetelly.
Evolotion of artiste schools is not to from of revolutionary jumps and rupture of mere in a tradition. Any innovator artist has root in tradition.and in context that tradition means his innovations. with creation a school and beginning a new round is not necessary that discard altoghether preceding tradition and work starts than zero generally. Actually does not impose innovation of artist, rather to gradation will accept on the others behalf and after passing of time attentions willturne in the direction of new and fresher ideas.
Aesthetics of functional that result in to deletion of ornaments from designing,is a recent phenomenon in modernism. In truth major part of objection with ornaments molded in later modernism motion. In objection to tendentious which reformers know that from selective approach to achievements of nineteenth century. Appoach which in that ornaments was unimportant or it was without importance.
Propensity excessive modern art to technique and meanings of artistic stoped from engageto humane and social questions to sore serious,as much as art only obligated to oneself. With this status dispute on ornament has been bended with subjects related to preference,talent and cultural elitist. Many from persons that were promoter of modernism,during years to second world war,get inspiration from ideas and beliefs that has wanted improve preferences and good project advertises between factories,sellers and consumers.
Aesthetics of modernism with ornaments more than limit its blunt made victorious until this later a form industrial designing, that is exhibited museums and helmet moot to title a cultural powerful factor.
One of main promoters purism of European(or products without ornamental cover) was MUSEUM of MODERN ART in newyork. This museum is founded in 1927 years. And from way its architecture and industrial arts had major role in promotion of ideals and impetus of modernist.
In affront with evoloutions consumption, after second world war, multinational companies appeared to title a economic power. They exchanged universal markets to their traditional markets. This organizations to intention stabilization their presence in general circle, in place of usage from surface ornament took into service for example of aesthetics of paloodeh with efficient field and mental field.
Nikolous Pevsner in his book (Pioneers of Modern Design) says: The earliest architects which commended from machin,they native personality and its consequences found out in connection with ornament in architecture, two Austrian,two american and one belzhican(?):Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, Louis Sullivan, Frank Loyd Wright, Henri Van de velde. Altough this pioneers in thoughts were touched of England, in their enmity in relation to ornament and push aside of Middle Age, support than machin and knowledge of its advance went farther than Englishmans.
The point that is inconsistent with ideas of Pevsner, this is that planing,s achievements in later nineteenth century was depend to strength resistance against assault of unremitting of machin.
In that persons like Wiliam Moris and the rest of followers of Art Motion and handicraft, such a power had in many cases, to this reason is that protected Gotic tradition. They did not let machin become instilled production of aesthetics. They which to have interested to handicraft, example Moris, found out need of conservative aesthetics.
This in status was that mondernism knew gradually that future of machin-made products is based on "functionalism" against ornament. Moris belived:basically human,s energies is consumed for creation of decoration arts, because for this route can not imagine no final.
Adolf Loos _architect and auther_writs afamous article with name ornament and crime in 1908 years. He appearance "Modern Ornamentism" introduced to title a sign from cultural lean or a kind of pathology.
He said that they be out side then event that Avangard motion is remined from that in the position of real style of 20 century. this style attentioned to materials and new ways of product in modern industry. And looked too they in the position of tool for provide a kind aestetics which in that from and function next to each other really .
In beside this point of view, this belief exist that abstract forms and without ornament in the earliest Modern Age become integrated with a kind democratic ideal. Because of that majority of people were able until they profit than better standards of living in the field of health care, cleaness and modern perimeter.
This view was not exceptional never. Until this same later objection with ornament was counted one of basic characteristics of art and planning of Modern Motion.
Of course many of persons also disagreed with opinion of Loos about to deletion of ornament. Peter Fouler against Loos claimed that deletion of ornament in modernist planning was one of crimes our times.
Fouler believes that modernism endangered credit itself with support than this idea:"advance" is synonym of quantitative from manufacturing commodities.
But is not bad observe reasons that Loos bring for his objection with ornament.
In first place, he didn,t like ornament, because that knew sensual. He call ornamental forms looked to title oppression of sexual or deviation of multiformity.
He imagined ornaments is characteristic of groups that their sexual pleasures is since dirty variety. This groups can not compatilde themselves with needs of social in modern world. Ornaments is symbolic from illness of childhood that has like frame of elevator cross out. Ornament is sign of crime. Jails are which have done tattoo eighty percent than jailer. The modern person who tattoos himself is either a criminal or a degenerate.
Of course than Loos,s time until now has changed many ideas.
Nevertheless until later 1980 decade surface ornament and ornamental drawings had changed without trouble example the change of canals of Tv by a remot.
In truth problem this is not that we have claimed for reference to same prices of past. that has insperational buldings and ornaments of Gotic style.
Rather perhaps matter this is that time to give a desired result that dispense from modernism temper.
Even modernists also have claimed who machine age itself place give to information processing age. That which now is need of our times,no deletion and no give back of modernism. Rather to think and to caus to doubt is important . in this case Moris kouling (historian of kambrij university ) says :
Because modernism is question yet _whether disappears with ornament or not_ is function that we have. And critical(or life)
Is that we lead the way toward it. The subject is that completely much accept, even at the time when, we underestimate it.

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