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Action and attention toward innovative affair is one of the interests. Therefore the manifestation of a novel or synthetic style is the step which emerges after repetition of previous custom.
It seems natural and also acceptance of the modern affair shows the changeable desire of human kind in his life.
Sometimes reviving the ancient forgotten cultures can create new sprite in the new atmosphere.
Art deco ( decoration art )made a designing trend that reconciled art with machine era which cause creation of crockery , fabric and furniture numeral drawing , aerodynamic and modern structure which could be produced multitudinous and its predominant figure was undulating line.
Art nouveau was a complement style which was used mostly in illustrating books and in interior designing and decoration that surrounded Europe and America in 1890 s and 1900 s decades.
Superficial characteristics of this style are long spiral lines and scroll crawly figures .this style was pervaded in Europe and America , in France it is named as “modern style” which was the first style divided totally from past. Art deco is related to art nouveau, although art nouveau has attempted to become compatible with craft but art deco is also tried and somehow it becomes a movement in designing for machine era.
Expression of decoration arts was introduced in art in the early years of 20 century which become common around the world till 1890 s decade.
But like other style decorative style become decadent after passing.
Its best days and evolutionary period at the same time the other feeling emerged that more simple things would suffice.
Kant is one of the predominant faces in philosophy. He emerged in the age well-known as “the age of enlightenment “its tenets were on rationalism and humanism. Kant and Hegel were the advocate of this viewpoint.
Especial quality of mind is that it is not based on my origin or linked to anywhere and should charge itself lonely .Kant was the first person published book about esthetic idiotically and philosophy esthetic. Kant discussed the theory of fine art in 18 century. He believed that art is fine whereas it is similar to nature any mediator or force of principle.
Thus that could be name as fine art which is superior of any art gained through feeling.
Beauty in this age is absolute beauty devoid of any type of additional attachment. Beautiful things sense through artistic sense and after that it would be judged by mentality.
Therefore we judge based on our taste that are beautiful from others because of our varied taste (nature).Kant believe in order to transform this artistic sense to esthetic and universal judgment it should be agreed by everybody which is possible by putting away personal prejudice private profits that cause a unit result. Kant like berek believes the sublime affaire is more valuable and considers it as on prominent work. He also believes in genius and artist s ingenuity.
The industrial revolution occurred after discovery of new material and incident of scientific invention.
It created new markets for innovative goods and products traders took opportunities and these hilarity and initiative spirit impulse artist.
Less certainty and move question are natural in the transformational age. Answers of this question often could not be found easily.
Number of questioners increased and answering became more difficult.
Although Christianity was acceptable religion of most of European people but it had no authority over main discussion of esthetic and critical in the 18 century. Therefore people based their standard of judgment upon nature but they could not see nature alike. If they considered nature as reference then each individual could have their own right to judge. Furthermore since inequality is not concealed to anyone in the society, they should do something though compulsory.
Thus theories and revolutionary actions were grown and freedom of belief causes preoccupation and tendency toward individualism instead of society.
In 1754 Britain established “association of art” in order to increase cooperation of arts and crafts and in 1835 state school proposed a plan
(Design) in order to enhance basis of designing in industrial production. Morris who had great role in reviving the custom of artisan in art and was one of the member of pishRafael was teaching loyalty toward nature and benevolent Art to his students in these schools. He considered Art in the Middle Ages as an symbol of human’s pleasure of his work and wrote down that work of art shows blissful and productive spirit of society .
Pro_hanging shouts demanding reviving of art industries middle century and the Morris advocating of art industry eventually cause “movement of Arts and Crafts “.
Although Morris was opposite of industrializing designing but he is known as originator of 20 century Art designing custom used in multitudinous production.

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