The problems of present iran’s handy crafts

Money and financial projection certainly is one of development tools and stability in all of industrial basis that the handi crafts is one of them too .
Once upon a time our handi crafts artist tranquil and without psychical pressures , was focusing her mind on her works . because on that daily if was difficult , humans weren’t drawing in modern and machinian life. the artist was working with interest and always was in this thinking that do her work on the best case . good work was equal with more reception and higher art position and higher mastery . the production works of artisan always was need and necessity for society .with the beginning of industrial revolution in 18th century in Europe, although create the great and positive results in all of different part of human life , but to cause the third world countries handy crafts contemporaneous with economical , political and cultural dominication of industrial powers on other countries ,became owershadowed importing numerous of mechanical merchandises and event some of this country that long times were exported the
handi crafts productions , be come one of importers and consumers of mechanical production of industrial countries and to be detained from their culture , tradition and art .
Industrial revolution in this years , slightly shown its influence on our economic and our handy crafts .
And our handi crafts that temporal to pride on self , by reason of the economical and political problem such as war be come affected with stagnancy and if it’s want to continue on this way , will be stay from iran’s handy crafts only a name .
And I wish we was motionless in our handy crafts . the quality of production works except some of special workshops , in resept of material and making , had more variety so that can not say to them else handy crafts . therefore , when economic of society have a problem , this problem will shown it’s influence in all of parts , such as cultural , political and society . that we know after the revolution don attention to art and cultural fields, because of the economical problems and inattention of headers to part of handy crafts. in present time we are to encounter with few problems that some of them are :
1)unsuitable activity in urban and rural population. we know that the rural field was take shower part of our handi crafts productions.
For example carpet ,felt carpet. melt and different art sewing.
That by reason of financial problems and deficit of selling bazaar,
Many of this domestic and rural workshops are closed and people to get busy another works.
2) by told reason in ago line , we have increase in migration to the cities and amusing from sources of rural and traditional part. For example in
carpet we can point to the desirable wool and herbal dyeing.
3)decreasing of handi crafts exporting by reason of uncompetition with to the handi crafts of another countries in part of modern production that be proportional with daily modern life.
Unsuitable publicity in global bazaar and lower quality of production works , that falconry the tourism and external buyer from to buy the
Handi crafts works.
4)by reason of preparation of expensive primary materials, we have increase in the ended price of production works that this have several problems :a)decrease in people shopping and their attention to buy factorian works that they have not quality and beauty form and only have a suitable price. b) increase in importing of unquality handi crafts merchandise from another countries that by reason for low price and inattention of incapable headers and people ignorance , shopping easily in internal bazaar.
5) unsuitable programming of cultural heritage organization, caused we have decrease in tourism entrance and decrease in shopping bazaar and export of andi crafts. The artisan for innovation, initiative and creat the new form that be proportional with global bazaar need to free and focus mind and stimulant. for example thinking we have a tourist that he traveled to Isfahan in 4o years ago and bought many high quality handi carfts works and this years he return to Isfahan and again decided to buy hndi crafts . but he shown with repetitive forms and worse that the low quality of works. this tourist is a person who see other countries and to
Recognized with the best works by different forms and colors.
6)except of many especial workshops that they have high quality works,
Another workshops have to use unsuitable materials because original materials are expensive. such az fiber , plastic and colored woods instead of bone, ivory and natural woods.
7)the artisan weakness financial and their ignorant from internal and external bazaar cause to that the intermediators to interfere in part of buying of the tools and materials and the shopping part too.
8)although the handi crafts organization in this years have methods for educating and harmony of artisans but yet we are watching kind of artisans ignorance from new method production and modern form.
The artisans in my country don’t bound her self to learning of art educations. most attention is to mastery and student training and traditional and ancient design. In modern countries , artisans are educated persons or to go special courses. This persons use new motives more than traditional design. But for our artisan the variation is not easy and he
can not have initiative in her work and change her method and her meditations .our artisan´ s idea a bout of traditional and primitive motives is a kind of sanctify.
9) with economical problems in my country an artisan can not have new work tools and new machine and can not change them. Therefore a long time and more energy is to be use .but in modern countries the artisan is equipped to all of modern tools an machines. so to accept that production is a handle work and kind of skill and creative power is coming from mind and have higher level.
10)by production of different factories with ignorant persons that the money is important for them, this ugly and unsuitable works with high publicity and low price , easily are shopped in bazaar , that this caused to handi crafts works have a stagnancy bazaar. For example can point to carpet. Consequently by have not quality ,different design and motives and have not competition with other countries we have decreasing in handi crafts exporting and have increasing in importing of unskillful handi crafts.

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